Industrial Air Washer
Industrial Air Washer

Product Description

Air Washer, an air cooling equipment is manufactured by us in both single and double skin construction with compact ,low height with multicentrifugal fan design.Double skin units are available with aluminium profile.The new, innovative designs guarantee predictable performance, long life expectancy and near zero maintenance.

Capacity Range

1000 cfm to 250000 cfm


Supermarket, Office, Shopping Mall, Showroom, Restaurant & Bar, School, Institute, Marriage / Conference Hall, Industry, Poultry Farm, Green House, Generator Room and even in your Home


Specially designed distributor tray for uniform water distribution. Very high efficiency (upto 90%) with 'Cellulose Paper' cooling pads Variable humidification of the supply air for partial saturation.

Special Features:

  • Removable Panels
  • Space Saver
  • Quiet & Vibration Free
  • Easy to install & Service
  • Available in various sizes
  • High Static fan for high efficiency filters
  • Whether Proof
  • Adoptable to wide range of applications such as Pharma , Food Industries , Clean Rooms , Comforts & process

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